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Don't Make Me Wait - text


[Lil Rob]
Hey man, it's been a long time...
You know what, man...
Think I'm worth the wait, hun...

[Chorus: Nasty (Lil Rob in background)]
"Don't make me wait" (Don't make me wait)
"Whoa, whoa" (Don't make you wait)
"Don't make me wait" (Don't make me wait)
"Whoa, whoa" (Don't make you wait)
"Don't make me wait" (Don't make me wait)
"Whoa, whoa" (I'll make you wait)
"Don't make me, don't make me" (Don't make me wait)
"Don't make me wait" - [Mary Wells]

[Verse 1]
Don't make me wait, that's what they say
Well, you don't have to wait no more
I'm bustin' through the fuckin' door
Like it's a fuckin' liquor store (Liquor store)
Chillin' in a '54
Two-door, hardcore
Mary Wells out the dashboard, while I'm
Spinnin' backwards
Time warp, black and white
Who gots the light
To light up the night
Nah, nah-nah-nah-night, you do, you do, oh yeah, that's right
Right, let's get it right, let's get it straight
I'm worth the wait, there's no debate
Right from the gate, gate
I'm here to stay, stay
Won't make you wait, wait
Another day, day
Won't make you wait, no how, no way, no how, no way (Way)
The time has come, the time is now
So I'm gonna put it down the only way that I know how (Sho!)

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Sippin', been waiting for me
To drop an oldie LP
Well, here you go, gente
This one's to you, from me
I heard, you heard of, was dead
That's somethin' somebody said
That's somethin' somebody wishes
But fuck ten bitches, yeah
They tryin' to keep me down
Trying to keep me from being around
Tilt my head to the sky, put my feet on the ground
Representing the brown side of town, never throwing the towel (No)
How you like me now, now
I know you still don't, but that's cool
Cause I'm looking past you
And I'm not, looking back, dude
That's somethin' that I can't do (That I can't do...)
So just know, that I know
That there's nothing that I can't do (There's nothing that I can't do)
Man, you in trouble now
Lil Rob, back up in the buildin'
Marijuana smoke, up on the ceilin'...

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
Don't make me wait, that's what they say
And so I jumped into the cad
Hit the switch, lift it up, then bounce
Over to the lag
Take a drag
Jump in the booth and bust my rap (Bust my rap)
You can have it after that
Up in your ride and make it snap (Snap)
Do what you do, I do it too
I'm just like you, you
That's what we do, until it's through
Don't, get me started, wait, it's too late
And I ain't pumping the brakes
So I ain't makin' you wait
It's been a minute, but I'm still in it
Who's house? (Who's house)
Rob's house (Rob's house)
Who would of thought that's Rob's house
Would be the dog house
When I'm bouncin' back, no choice but that
I'm back, and I ain't going nowhere
I mean, I'm goin' somewhere
And can't wait to get there

[Repeat Chorus]

[Lil Rob]
Hey, I won't make you wait no more
It's goin' down like this
All day, everyday, yeah
Lil Rob
That's how we get down
Chicano style...

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