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[Lil Rob:] That's right
Lil Rob
[Lil Rob:] Hey, what's happenin', man
[Fingazz:] Hey man, there seems to be a problem on the back dance floor
[Lil Rob:] What is it?
[Fingazz:] Man, these bitches ain't gettin' freaky enough
[Lil Rob:]
Is that is?
No problem
Give me 1200cc's of Technique
1150cc's of Nu Mark
[Fingazz:] Nu Mark?
[Lil Rob:]
Yeah, Nu Mark
4 dose of C.B.B. 35
750cc's of GBW and stand back

[Verse 1: Lil Rob {Lil Rob slowed down}]
Now that I got your attention
Let me take you into a different dimension
Overhead and that's a good freshin'
Back in time, live and rewind, that's the direction
Book another studio session
So I could perform this old school disection
Look at the park, brought it back
Old school style, hombre, got a lot of that
I've got my {records}
I mix on the {mixer}
I'm scratchin' on my {turntables}
It's bumpin' out the {speakers}
Mirror, mirror, crooked on the wall
Who is the baddest vato of them all
I mean
Who is the one that they always call
To get the party people up off the wall
Up tempo, that's the momentum
Beats made with venom, out to go get 'em
They can't get away, fuck no, we won't let 'em
But they want to, the way that we sweat 'em
Fuck yeah, homeboy, we just wreck 'em
Streets of the beast, and sweep, and just take 'em
Take microphones and microphone check 'em
Spit the kind of shit that makes them respect 'em
The sharp knife, the crease on the denim
Makin' sure, that you don't forget 'em
Twelve Eighteen, that's the operation
{Hit the dancefloor with no hesitation}

[Chorus: Lil Rob]
Bring back the pop-lockin'
Body-rockin' music
Guaranteed to get the party started
Now listen to the DJ get retarded
[Fingazz scratching]
Bring it back, now
DJ, bring it back, now
Bring it back
Bring it back, now

[Verse 2:]
Old with the new, I take moves and bend 'em
Take some old school records and bend 'em
Scratchin' and mixin', mixin' and scratchin'
Satisfaction is
The reaction
Do the head spinnin'
Til the wax spin back
Til the heads bend, people clappin' people
Laughin', good time, havin' people dancin'
{Just imagine the party with lots of action}
I grab the perfect elixor
Two turntables, speakers and a mixer
Beats and lyrics that are sure to hit ya
If not, then I got a phat joint to fix ya
Mixed so much, that my fingers blister
So fast, you can't even take a picture
Bring it back, let it go in rotation
It's tight, {but no hyperventilatin'}


[Verse 3:]
I know how to keep the party spun (Two)
World Class just like the Wreckin' Cru (One)
We party until we see the sun (Bounce)
Diggin' in the crates, time to operate

[Break: Lil Rob {Lil Rob slowed down}]
With old school {records} (Yeah)
A brand new {mixer}
I'm right, in some {turntables}
It's tweakin' out the {speakers}
Now DJs, spin my {records}
Then cut it with the {mixer}
Put this one on your {turntable}
Get 'em on the floor like 1984


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Twelve Eighteen: Part II

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