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What's happening perro
It's been along time since I felt this way
but I could put that shit down homeboy, you know
ain't nothing changed
I creep around the corner
3 wheelin' a scraping bumper
sproking up the calles
leaving you blid like Stevee Wonder
said I come from the land down under
underground stupid
what the fuck you think I meant
hey let me think of it can't think of it can't think of shit
fuck it hey
Lil Rob could rap like fuckin "A"
how did I learn to bust this way
how in the fuck will I bust today
never had nobody writing my shit
that's faking it like lieing and shit
you didn't write it
how could you claim somebody's buying you shit
It doesnt make sense to me
everybody wanna be in the place to be
like it's the place to be (I guess it is)
shit it's the place for me
so I'm gonna stay as long as I can
can't make the paper run out with the plan
there is to be
then back to the streets
everyone knows
Lil Rob is the man


I think you're bluffin'
who in the fuck you think you're kidding homeboy come on
bitch I think you're bluffin'
hey you know me and I know you
yea I'm a good dude that did bad and
can't believe I did that
give me the
big bag and some feel good
roll it up in a zig-zag
take a big drag
I smoke till I see pitch black
black out and pass out
wake up in a few
drink a beer then I crash out
laugh loud when you lash out
with you loud mouth
what chu mad about
talk alot of shit ain't got no heart
all you got is a bad mouth
I'll bark no bite
I'll talk no fight
shut the fuck up
put down the mic
thinking you're bad
cause you're no polite
ese you're weak
like your name in the streets
you can't compete
who said that you could?
you're a discrase your whole neighborhood
your hood doesn't care
cause you're not from there
me against you
that wouldn't be fair
come on homie
let's keep it real
you're just a man
you're not made of steel
you can be taking out hynas without a doubt
giving you something to think about


We live life rough and tough
some end up getting stuck
I think I've had enough
it's time for me to call your bluff
We live life rough and tough
some end up getting snuff
and you ain't strong enough
so now it's time to put on my black boots
with my black Davis's
that's just the way it is
no one can see me throw on my black sweatshirt
with a black beanie and a black bandana
to cover my face just like a bandit does
I'm back mothafuckers
and I bounce to get scandalous
I pull my crimes at night
and diappear like a phantom does
I'll fuck up your life
like a junkie slamming drugs
even your fuckin wife
knows that you're a fuckin punk
what chu gonna do when I call your bluff
can't believe that you think you're tough
you claim to talk the talk
you claim to walk the walk
If that's true
them my body should've been outlined in chalk
but it's not
you really need to stop
don't say what you won't do
you really need to stop
homeboy before I lose my cool


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