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Water damage - text


Cut off your mind

[Verse 1: Lil Peep]
I got a couple young bitches
Outside waitin' for me
So I grab my Champs hoodie
And my Timbs if it snowin'
I'ma pop a couple pills
Til I can't feel nothin'
'Cause it double the fun
And make me numb when we fuckin'
Then we hop in the whip (skrt)
I got that Wavy Jone$ bumpin'
Don't nobody say shit
Real quiet while we puffin' on some medical piff
I got piles of it stuffed inside the trunk with ya bitch
She fuckin' dead, boy, I'm crazy
On some murderous shit

[Verse 2: Wavy Jone$]
I pull up blunted I'm faded
Two gold chains like I made it
Fuck life, bitch I hate it
Goth pussy, I ate it
I'm riding 'round and I'm holdin'
Cops ask I don't know 'em
Fuck a hater I'm glowin'
Might turn the lights off and show 'em
I'll fuck my bitch in the back room
Then turn it into my trap room
My closet look like a bat room
You pussy just like a cat bruh
I do this shit like it's nothing
Got three hoes I ain't fuckin'
My main bitch change the subject
So sick and tired of this strugglin'

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Lil Peep texty

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