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I can be yo Martin
You can be my Gina
I can be yo Justin
You can be Selena
It's like we on TV
No need for commercials
I will never leave you
Baby girl I need you
Television love
You can be my Marge and
I can be yo Homer
Baby let me show ya
It's like we on TV
Got (television love)
[Verse 1:]
This is my reality
Like a live camera show
I can be yo Wiz
You can be my Amber Rose
Just call me Comcast
I'm On Demand fa sho
You got me gassed up
Like I hit a Amoco
I just wanna make you mine
I think I probably should
Give you the finer things
Take you to Hollywood
If only I can direct you
Lights camera action
Take over the world
Baby I can imagine
'Cuz every time I leave
You say you miss me
You play Alicia Keys
And I be Swizz Beatz
Or Nick and Mariah
Angelina and Brad
Girl you chose me
And I'm glad
[Verse 2:]
I love it when I'm wit' you
Now here we go again
All we do is laugh like
Sinclair and Overton
Drive across the country
Whenever we older
Through the never never land
We Shrek and Fiona (hold up)
I'm callin' for you (I'm callin' for you)
You callin' for me (You callin' for me)
No frontin' wit' us
New Laura and Steve
We hustle for real
We stackin' them pennies
And we ain't breakin' up
No Ashton and Demi
More like Jada and Will
Khloe and Lamar
Like Superman and Lois
We floatin' in the stars
Or maybe I can run the game like Jay
And you can be Bey like we on TV
You can be my Gina
I can be yo Martin
You can be my Gina
I can be yo Martin
You can be my Gina
I can be yo Martin
You can be my Gina
I can be yo Martin

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