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[Intro: 50 Cent]
Whoo, whoo, whoo!
[Chorus: Mann {50 Cent}]
Man I feel like moneyyyyy! (man I feel like money!) {yeah!}
They're attracted to me! (oh, yeah?)
They come around like honeyyyyyy! (they come around like honey!) {hahaaa!}
Cause I'm fly like a bee! (oh, yeah?) {say what?}
Man I got 'em all buzzin', (buzzin'!) buzzin', (buzzin'!) buzzin', (buzzin'!) buzzin',
Like da-da-da-da-da-da-da! {say what?}
Man I got 'em all buzzin', (buzzin'!) buzzin', (buzzin'!) buzzin', (buzzin'!) buzzin',
Like da-da-da-da-da-da-da! [scratches]
[50 Cent:]
Yeah, uh! - Audi R-8, laid back, Black on Black
Diamonds on my neck and my wrist matchin' that.
Black mask, black Mag' - brown bag;
Drop down now or nigga I'll shoot your black ass! [scratche]
I'm a magnet to money, the paper is where I'm at
They attracted to me, they treat me like Pimp C.
I'm a P-I-M-P yo chick just chose me
I got so much swag, is that why you mad?
Control your hate trick, nothing good to say
Don't say shit, keep walkin' quit talkin' keep it movin'!
We can keep the club jumpin' till daylight
From New York to L.A. through the Bay; right? [scratches]
Back up to back up in the mix like that (yeah!)
And I know ya like it when it's just like that. (that!)
All the girlies just love my swag (swag!)
From my kicks to the way I fix my hat. [scratches] (hat!)
I'm - back! (hey!) - Fresh like some new J's (yeah!)
Brodie got next NBA to pay.
I'm too paid! (paid!) - Shaded - with some ladies
Reppin' my city; West L.A. baby! (WEST L.A., BABY!)
West L.A. made me this way. (way!)
Two rules: Stay fresh, homie and get paid!
Hey! (heeyy!) - Never broke! - And never bummy! (why)
I'm from where it's forever sunny. (okay!) [scratches]
[Bridge 1: Mann]
When I come around! - 'Round, 'round...
They go...
Yeah, yeah! It's going down, down, down...
They go...
Uh! - New cat with a' old school feel (feel!)
Only new artist with a old school deal. (yeah!)
Tied to the game by Steve Lobell (yup!)
So we always win, don't receive no help. (nah!) [scratches]
New girls act like they know me so well
But I shows no love and be like: "Oh, well! " (well!)
When my album drops, sure as hell goin' sell (yup!)
Stack cash and laugh like L-O-L!
[Bridge 2: Mann]
When I come around! - 'Round, 'round...
They go...
Yeah! - When I come around! - 'Round, 'round...
They go...
When I step in yo town! - Town, town...
They go...
Yeah, yeah! - It's going down; down, down...
They go... [scratches]
Yee-uh Yee-uh! - Shawty in my ear (uhh!)
Saying all the things that I wanna hear.
BUZZIN'! - And as the night ends (uhh!)
I'm a have her and get all her friends.
BUZZIN'! - Okay! - Hands in the air (yee-uh!)
From the back to the front everywhere.
BUZZIN'! - Throwin' out 20's, throwin' out hundreds
Ladies gotta love it! [scratches]
[Bridge 2]

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