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Swang Glass 84s Freestyle - text


[talking: Lil Flip]
Lil Flip nigga nigg freestyle king the shit me clean we be mean in this shit

[Lil Flip:]
We swang glass 84s... we pimp hoes... plantnium teeth not white gold... the paper fold... young g's
Swang 4's... swang 4's that what we do gotta hold it down for my nigga screw
I'm Lil Flip I like to creep up the block niggas jack so I sleep with my glock I know you know
I know you heard of my style cause all these niggas don't think I can't surve for my style
But any way it's time to get in the lime light ya'll niggas got a deal but can't even shine bright
I'm tight I brake the mic in half you got three hours my nigga you make me laugh I'm a show what
It is to be a lyrical nigga south side still holding I could flow with jewelry I got skills to pay the bills
The only reason I rap to [? ] fuck a record deal nigga I'm a stay independent you can't see my
Diamonds cause my window tented.

Rolling bad swanging glass 84s young thugs pimping hoes sucker freee
Young thugs pimpin hoes sucker free young thugs pimpin hoes sucker free swisha hous

[Lil Flip:]
Kick door like the F.B.I nigga owe me money I bet he'll die I'm telling these niggas I'm bout my money
You fucking with my I might start with johnny I take my changeto get a trillion cuts Lil Flip is worth a million bucks

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Lil' Flip texty

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