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[Rapper #1:]
yo, I made so much money of these mixtape, oh my god!!

[Rapper #2:]
Oh, look at my chain!

[Rapper #1:]
Look at my teeth, look at my teeth!!

[Rapper #2:]
It'z some grill, yo man, yo man, I'm gonna get my grill...

[Rapper #1:]
Let's do this!!


Who tha fuck is makin' money out here, man! You gotta be fuckin' kidding me, okay this is how it goes down, from here on now nuthin' goes down unless I'm involved!! No mixtapes, no albums, no car shows, no nuthin!! You screwin your music, I want in, Some bullshit ANR who think he knows tha street gets promoted, I want in!! Anything that comes outta houston, I meen any fuckin' thing from tha block to tha to tha studio to tha stage!! I dont give a motherfuckin flying fuck if it's a lemonade stand, I want in! You guys got real phar while I was gone, but now I'm back and I need mine, ayo, flip let's go and count Fuckin' this money

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Lil' Flip texty

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