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Face to face with the bad; with the good
I will rest in peace forever misunderstood
This is the give and take
No place to dream in a world that never falls asleep
Another rat in a cage
Empty words fill every page
A never-ending race to finish lines I can’t achieve
In this weightless state I’ve become so empty
The damage is already done, but the worst is yet to be seen
No wishful thinking
A slate that can’t be wiped clean
Here and now is all we know
Until we’re forced to let go, I’d give it up to find a new home
A place that I can call my own
Damned if I do damned if I don’t
An infinite climb
We’re told to walk along a thin line
Can’t fall out of place
I’ll speak my mind
I wont go quietly into the dark abyss that waits for me
There is no way of life
Worthy of this mother fucking sacrifice
There is no way of life
Worthy of sacrifice
We all expire
Time waits for no one
We will burn under the same sun
Stained black
Every broken soul that’s left
We all expire before we exist
The damage is done

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