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The Fool - text


A rich man had a land
Yielding heavy crops.
His stores would be too small
So this is what he thought:
"I shall tear down my storehouses now
And build bigger barns to store the goods.
Then I can say to myself 'you're smart.
Now you're the richest in the neighborhood.'"

But God said to him "You are a fool,
Tomorrow you'll die, no money saves you."

Today we just behave
Like the rich man did,
And act as money's slave,
Store more goods than we need.
Money and might is all what we want,
We're living good, but we want more.
That once we must die this is a fact
That intentionally we ignore.
Death comes sudden, no one can tell
When all our money is drawing us to hell

And God says to us "You are a fool,
Tomorrow you could die, no money saves you."

A rich man on earth remains a pauper in the sight of God.
Gather your treasures in heaven's bonds, so you save your soul.

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