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Take a Stand - text


The force of darkness,
The Evil One,
Will rise, it's getting strong.
So, don't surrender,
Take a stand,
United we follow our dreams.

In the last days of the whole world
Look for shelter, pain will come.
Time is short, don't waste a minute.
Prepare to fight and to die young.

Don't fear the Prince of Darkness,
He has no might!
Don't fear the Prince of Darkness,
The Evil fears the light!

In the time of sorrows
Don't give up, carry on!
Hope and faith will help you,
Love makes you strong.

Face reality that
Is not sweet or easy life.
Evil wins this war,
If you don't fight.
Watch carefully the action
Evil does to get strong.
Build up your forces
And hold on.
The day will come when you
Have to fight (together) with your friends.
So remind yourself,
Where you belong.

When Evil is on the rise, what will
you do?
Will you stand up and fight or will you leave all your friends alone?
Come on! Join us! Take a stand!
'Cause we're walking into the promised land!

When you're armed, facing the battle,
Death is waiting, eye to eye!
Then the Lord will give you power
And the Evil has to die.

So don't surrender,
Take a stand!
United, follow the Light!

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