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Get yourself some love my boy,
I pray don't hesitate
Find a little sweetness my friend, why wait
Love is everywhere, it is waiting to be found
You can feel it in the breeze
You can see it all around
Now many are its memories
And sacred is their truth
Of the love we taste in our own sweet youth
When the snows are gone
And the spring is o'er the land
You may stroll upon its shore
Where the waters kiss the sand
There along the wood side amid the violets blue
You may ask her for her love
And she'll steal away with you
Sweetly she'll caress you
And gently will she sigh
And love you more and more
With each moment that goes by
Soon the years will pass you by
And then where will you be
Where is your young wife and your family
Blessed is the man with a son to bear his name
Now there may be many more
But you'll love them all the same
Blessed are the times when true love had its day
When spring was o'er the land, long ago and far away

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The Warner Brothers Demos (1964-1966)


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