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I'll tell you a tale my friends
I hope you'll understand
I was in the winning chair
When fate dealt me my hand
So I say, let's play
But there will come a time
When you'll regret this day

I'll say at the start my friends
The pleasure has been mine
Just take out your wallet Jack
Lay your money on the line
That's the name of my game
And if you play it straight
To me it's all the same
I don't need anyone

I don't need anyone

I've been a rover most of my days
Travelled from town to town
I'm getting tired of the game that I play
One last hand and I'll be settling down

I'll see you again sometime
I hope it's not too soon
I'll be on the road somewhere
Arriving with the moon
All alone, I must roam
Ain't got no loving wife
Or place to call my own
I don't need anyone

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