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[Interlude: Halsey]
Wait for me in the back... And I mean it.. Grab the stupid microphone... I meant everything I said... Everything
[Verse 1: Jaden Smith]
****** just hit me on the phone
I gotta take the call or Alabama shake you off
I made your favorite playlist in my basement, dog
Take away the a-list man, let's play some ball like soccer
Kicking it with Harry like Chewbacca, man, I gotcha
Never been a rasta but I always keep the essense
Teachers couldn't test these little jokers adolescence
Here’s a lesson for the kid that’s living life way too aggressive
You could be professors you just need to switch professions
Wanna do what's right but homie look the way they left him
Let's switch directions
We need to open up our spectrum
So when my set come you see the way my flows infect them
And they inspire them
Teachers politics they tire them
You see them tires man?
Drilling oil out the ground swear we need to fire them
All these homeless people around you know we could hire them
But we choose not to
Gentrification when the Blacks move and the cops do too
I'm coming with you if you got a problem here's a noose
A tissue and a lucid pistol
That we snuck across the border illegally
So society could be in order
[Interlude: Jaden Smith]
But when you need me I'm gone
Girl I'm gone
And I'm sorry 'bout your son that I murdered in the street
And not this fresh verse or this jazzy ass beat gonna help you
Cause he's gone
Damn he's really gone
Shit what's going on?
[Verse 2: Jaden Smith]
But we can make it girl
Even if you need me to strip naked in Times Square
Just so we can take it there
The key to this is patience girl
The lotus grows up from the mud
Like four quarts of the blood
From a virgin who's never heard the word “love” come from
A person who felt that feeling it turns out
That the worlds a circus, it isn't perfect
I've heard of
Stories of a surgeon who cut someone and there's no heart in him
Did you steal it?
Can you feel it
Wrote my feelings on the ceiling
Man i swear it's so revealing
That the lotus flower grows up from the mud
Every time you bathe you put four hearts in a tub
Then you squash them
Then you blend them up
Drink them all for breakfast, you a monster
And your friends are gone
Depression is infectious and it's awesome
You’re so crazy busy you ain’t noticed that you lost him
But when you're feeling low you grab some diamonds from your closet
You're superficial
Man you look into the world but girl the truth is simple
Let me give you some info
Take off your damn make-up
Cause I don’t give a fuck about a stupid pimple
Or this damn tempo, I'ma loose my mental
I went to bat for you
I produced your whole album
Every chord had your attitude and attributes
This is me getting back at you
But you did what you had to do
Fuck you girl you were magical
And let it run deep

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