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She needs me - text


All the things that we've been through
just make it sweeter that she needs you
she needs you in the mornin'
just to cook her some eggs sometimes
and she needs you in the afternoon
just to give her little bit of that sweet
afternoon love
and she needs you in the evening
just to get a little more
oh don't ever let her go
don't ever let her go
don't ever let this one go
she's the sweetest thing
you'll ever know oh
each time we look into
each others eyes
with all the trouble that we've seen
maybe in some way we
never thought we'd
make it so far
look at where we've been
I was hopin' she would let me in
for more than a cup of tea
I wanted so much from
the moment I met you
and now i'm thanking the lord
thanking the lord
thanking the lord
you're still the sweetest thing I've
and every day
I wake up in the
with you on my pillow
I just count my blessings
I say oh!
she needs me
she wants me
every single day
she wants me
she wants me in her life

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