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The Draper - text


The draper had the right key for the life strenght,
a big man in a small cell.
Torture can´t break the soul,
thats not playing the wrong role,
what resists to the real hell.

Long eight years without light,
eight long years in endless fight,
but he didn´t confess to nonsense.
Inquisitor couldn´t win,
the draper knew, what does it mean,
beginning of the dying.

Life is short, but the dying so long.
The draper said:

Hey, love pain and scare all the blockheads,
hey, love pain and you will change this unfair world.
Suffering will show you who you are,
how strong is your heart.

The bonfires burned for the wealth,
it was a victory of hell,
the draper stayed lofty.
Reverend dean was burned,
it was the beginning of the return,
thousands of christians felt blue.

The endless days were going on,
the draper was dying alone,
but he could stop his pain.
Often thinking of his wife,
of their fair past life,
she suffered in the same way.

The story ended in the darkness,
without future, without hope,
inexorable destiny.
Fortitude can´t vanish for good,
you can find it rarely,
special people never die.

We must listen to their silence,
we must follow with their shade,
than we may know the truth.
Don´t forget the draper, don´t forget his wife,
the meaningfuls lives.

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