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Drum and the Uncomfortable Can - text

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Take him out the back
Throw him in the bin
Dump his grimy clothes
Wash your dirty hands
Fake you're-on-a-walk
Walk up Bellview creek
Find a secret spot
Check you're in the clear
Strip from head to toe
Fix yourself with cream
Drop into the stream
Fix yourself with cream
Drop into the stream
Steal a silver car
Drive up to the town
Meet my nephew's son
Show you to our lair
Then you drop the knife
Money's in the fridge
Use the secret phone
I'll be at the beach
I'll be on the beach
I'll be at the beach
Muster up the strength
Fight a fairy snake
Fill the sacred pub
Joust him in the teeth
Dress up like a man
Paint your golden face
Look down through the cracks
Break the perfect fence
Listen for the train
Ride it to ? Park
Lather in the sea
Shark-infested seas
Swim up to the rocks
Find a sunken box
Tell a mermaid, 'oh'
Tie the whales down
Ride the raging fence
Turn it to the East
Turn it to the East
Turn it to the East
Here's a tiny screw
Leave it in the wrist

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