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People want to put us down, 'cause people hate the strange
People never rock their ass and people don't arrange
To be a little bit like shit, and dream the dream of dreams
Of love, of friends, of different moods and of the loudest screams

People come and listen to the things i have to say
It's no emptygibberish, it's Rock 'n' rill we pray
Drink all drinks they give to you, and take the girl you love
Don't look down on your feet, look to the sky above


People they don't love the night, 'cause night is Rock 'n' Roll
You can maybe ruin my life, but never kill my soul
We ain't no scum, we ain't no dirt, we just live for fun
So take away these black clouds and give us back the sun

Standin' on the street, standin' alone
Runnin' up and down, runnin' alone
Givin' all your love, give it alone
It hurts deep in your heart, so cry alone
I know.

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