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Snowdin Town - text


Welcome stranger to
The remarkable Snowdin Town.
It's a friendly place
Everyone wants to talk to you.
This community
and the creatures that walk around
It's a little strange
But you feel right at home...
Snowdin there's no place quite like Snowdin and anywhere you go, you're sure to find a smile
Lights, all the pretty Christmas lights, they are so cheerful and bright, you want to stay a while
Grilby's is where you eat your fill, be it hamburger or fries, it's quite the hopping scene
Library, there's a local library, yes they know their sign has one too many Bs
You know that you have somewhere else to be.
This is only one stop on your epic quest
But still it breaks your heart that you must leave
You will have to come back to Snowdin, I guess…

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