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Memory + Mad Dummy - text


I'm a statue sitting alone
This place is my only home
Rain keeps falling on my head
Please get an umbrella friend
It's over there down the hall
Next to the waterfall
Yes, that's right now come back here
Your kindness gives me cheer
Such a friendly human child
Give me the umbrella, I'll
Use it to be safe and dry
and sing you a lullaby
Now try to remember my song
Hope you won't get it wrong
Play the notes of this melody
On the piano and you'll see
It opens a secret door
Just for you to explore
There's a surprise waiting there
An artifact that's rare
Sitting on a pedestal
Small and red it looks cool
Feel free to take it if you want
You're carrying too many dogs?

I'm a ghost that lives in a dummy!
My cousin also lived in a dummy!
That's until you came along and talked
To them, spooked them out their body.
The Mad Dummy crossly blocks your way! He's blocking the way! He's blocking the way!
He's not much for conversation and
No one is happy! No one is happy!
I will scare human your soul right out of your small body! Of your small body!
Foolish feeble human, I'll get you!
And there's nothing that you can do!

Oww! Watch where you shoot!
Minion dummies!
Watch where you aim your attacks!
I'll defeat you and I'll take your soul! Take your soul! Take your soul!
I'll show you who is in control! In control! In control!
Mad dummy is hopping mad! Hopping mad! Hopping mad!
He glares into a mirror then turns to you with the same mad expression.

Foolish and feeble!
Foolish and feeble!
Foolish and foolish and foolish and feeble!
Whatever, ugly human!
Who's a mad dummy?
I'm a mad dummy!
I am mad, very mad, super mad!
And I'm mad at you! Mad at you!
I am so terribly mad at you!

I'll stand in the window
of a fancy clothing store
Everything I could want!
That'll avenge my cousin, sure!
What was their name again?
Forgot what they were called back then!
Whatever, I don't care!
Cotton is getting everywhere.
You're all fired, got the boot!
Replaced with ones who can really shoot!
Metal whirs fill the room!
Missile rockets fire and zoom!
Jump and dodge, they miss you
Dummy doesn't know what else to do!
No way! These guys are worse
Than the other guys! It is a curse!

Argh! I've had it now!
I don't need friends! Lucky for me I have a knife!
After throwing it I'm out of knives, out of knives, out of knives.
But it doesn't matter! You can't hurt, me and I, can't hurt you!
You're stuck fighting me here forever! Forever! Forever!
What the heck is this? It's acid rain? Oh, forget it! I am outta here!

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