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Ghost Fight - text


ZZZZ, Are they gone yet?
ZZZZ, Are they gone yet?
He's not sleeping, he's just pretending
Napstablook the emo ghost.

Really not feelin' up to it right now.
Really not feelin' up to it right now.
I'm so sorry to disappoint, but I'd
rather be alone with my lonely thoughts

HEY, leave me alone.
I don't wanna fight.
Wanna listen to spook-tunes all day long

I come to the ruins 'cuz there's no one 'round,
But today I guess I met somebody nice...
Oh, I'm rambling again.
I will happily get out of your way

Just plugging along, Just plugging along,
Wishing I weren't here
Staring distantly, you can smell the faint
odor of ectoplasm!

You know that you can't, really kill ghosts, right?
Sorta incorporeal
I was just lowering my hp because
I didn't want to be impolite!

Sorry, I just made this more awkward
ZZZZ, Are they gone yet?

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