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Dating Start! - text


Here we are ready to go and start the date!
I've never actually done this before.
But do not worry I am quite well prepared.
We are about to have an excellent time!

I'll put on really nice clothes to show I care
In fact my special clothes are just right underneath there.
Just in case somebody happens to ask me out on a date just like you
Just behold... I'm so cool…

So what do you think of my secret style?
I feel so happy when you're holding my hand
There is a present for you under my hat
It's some spaghetti that I made just for us

This ain't just any ol pasta, No sirree.
This is an artisan's work, the best you've ever had.
Oh my goodness I can't quite believe it,
You love my cooking, so that means, that you like... me that way.
Unfortunately I do not.

I'm sorry that I led you on
Perhaps this whole date thing was wrong.
I thought feelings would blossom but no.
But don't you feel bad because

You can rest assured that we are still best friends
and I will do my best to make sure that
you find someone almost as gre at as me and
You have my number, so feel free to call me whenever
Any time you want to talk to me, the cool and Great Papyrus
I will answer you, if you have a question or just need a friend
I will be here. Oh Wowie that date was so much fun!

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