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Thousand Years (Final Fantasy X Tribute) - text

[Listen to my story
This may be our last chance]

Thousands of miles that we walked on this way
Thousands of fiends we have fought with today
Thousands of people we had to persuade
That we won't give up until the very end

And day after day I wish
I'll get home to Zanarkand
A thousand years that passed by
Leaving me in here, all alone

Thousands of lives that were ended by Sin
Thousands of dreams which dispersed in the wind
Thousands of innocent murdered by Him
Until the next dawn comes we're obliged to win

I'm sure it was meant to be
Destiny brought us two here
I must say I fell for you
And if we make it, I will fade

I am so sorry that I have to leave
Know that my love will last thousands of years

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