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No More Time - text

So the clocks are ticking
As our fears have gone astray
A new hope is calling
We may find somewhere to stay
For a better morrow
Ain't a way that can't be found
With a place to call home
We will roam the world around
(We shall walk the world around)

But the clocks have broken
Worries chase us on our way
No more words are spoken
We don't know the price to pay
For this lost emotion
Ain't a heart that wouldn't stop
With no more devotion
There's no means to reach the top
(We've no way to reach the top)

Thus, we beg for guidance
In our isolated love
Due to blind defiance
Empty pleas are not enough
May we be forsaken
By the oath we swore to take
May we be mistaken
What if there's too much at stake
(There is all too much at stake)

Now, the notion fleeting
Of our freedom comes to naught
And the force defeating
Breaks the liberating thought
In our hearts, desire
To reclaim what once we owned
Yet the times are dire
Win this fight we can't, we know
(Win this fight we won't, we know)

Shall we now surrender
'Cause our luck is running dry
Will we be remembered
All our efforts gone awry
No more time to ponder
Or prolong this woeful day
As we fall, we wonder
Did it have to be this way

Did it have to end this way
Did we have to end this way

Text přidal Levottomuus

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