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I met the end
It came so smoothly,
It's calm and soothing
And consumes every fail that I have made

And you are gone
Now I feel lonely
Like I'm the only
Like I'm the only one that had to fade

So am I dead
Or trapped in mourning
From night to morning
And do I have to stand alone for good

Oh, do I have to stand alone for good
Gone away, gone away
So now I have to stand alone for good

It was that bad
To let you rule me
And say you own me
Because now I ain't got anything left

A big mistake
That I have met you
That I have loved you
'Cause you made my heart bleed and my soul's trapped

And now I'm gone
You'll never see me
Regret you left me
Because I won't ever look back again

Yeah, I don't wanna see your face again

Text přidal Levottomuus

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