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Forever Rachel (Final Fantasy VI Tribute) - text

1: How could I have let you down
I can see that moment now
Then I caused another frown
For a year I have left thy town

2: Dear, heed my words
You have to fight your sorrows
I know you're meant to understand
The way that I do
It's got to end
Open your eyes
And let your heart go forward
Do not regret what fate was set

1: I just cannot leave behind
Thoughts of days when you were mine
Now the stars will never shine
Till I die, till my final line

2: You ought to know
That I was ever grateful
To see your smile, be worth your while
But it is time, love
Alas, it's time
Souls never die
We're intertwined forever
I'll be your guide, I'll turn the tide

1: Love, I cannot comprehend
Why'd you want us two to end
But, if it's for what you stand
So do I, though I can't pretend

2: Dwell in the past
And grief will overwhelm you
So let it go and heal your soul
Now there's another
Who needs you whole
Brighten the life
Of whom you call your darling
A mind in peace is what she needs

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