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Cursed and Damned - text

Torn apart
I'm overrun by demons of the past
Conscience running wild
Broken heart
Those ever precious feelings never last
I was but a child
From within
A spark has lit a fire in my soul
I am burning out
Born a sin
An inferno inside, yet eyes so cold
All hell loose, unbound

Illusions of salvation laying still within my grasp
It's pitch black as far as I can see
In tears I'm suffocating, nearing end with every gasp
I'm losing the ground beneath my feet
Reality distorting, voices shattering my mind
The silence is screaming in my ears
A life devoid of joy, I'm but a carcass left behind
The toy to a myriad of fears

In my head
A choir of wolves is howling at the moon
Solitude is bliss
Fearing death
No matter what you do it's coming soon
Time has gone amiss
Holy cross
The prayers I have made were left unheard
Even gods betray
What a loss
Life is just a nightmare most absurd
In a gloomy frame

Illusions of salvation fainting in the morning rain
It's over, it's just the way I feel
In tears I'm suffocating, yet alive I still remain
I'm losing the sense of what is real
The sky comes falling down, the clouds are painted in my blood
The sirens are screaming in my head
A husk without a heart, I'm but a puppet left to rot
Those voices will take my place instead
Cursed and damned

Now I see as I walk this road alone
What I could have been, what I would have been
Crown of thorns carving deep into the bone
Lines of love drawn thin, lines of life drawn thin
No relief for this wretched broken soul
What you couldn't tell, what you wouldn't tell
Fateful lies let the seed of sorrow grow
On the steps of hell
As I rang the bell

Illusions of salvation swallowed on the fiery stake
It's all lost as far as I'm concerned
In tears I've suffocated for so long I can't awake
I'm losing the things I never earned
No point in holding on, I'm only withering away
The furies are screaming in my mind
A bane to my own fate, I'm but a shadow of decay
The one to be always left behind

And so my story ends written in my own scarlet ink
The bruises have never been this deep
Under the stormy skies the weary eyes make one last blink
I'm not worth a memory to keep
My words a last goodbye to such a parody of life
For me, it was always far too late
The final destination brings about the end of strife
I'm ready, just please, don't make me wait
Free at last

Text přidal Levottomuus

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