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Though it's been a crazy day
There is still so much to face
May it come now, may it wait
Until tomorrow
Damn, it seems so different
Prejudices never end
Hard to take and understand
Hide the sorrow

Will it ever be the same
Future ways look so insane
Whispers of a heavy rain
'There is still hope'
And it all goes so surreal
Solutions are nowhere near
Little time for wounds to heal
They tighten the rope

Get a place to rest tonight
The weary eyes of yours will never have to cry
No more

Finding out where to belong
Does it seem it all got wrong
It is so tough to hold on
Just keep it clean
Help is nowhere to be found
Buried faith into the ground
Hatred spreading all around
How did it feel

Isolated in despair
People acting they don't care
Life is sometimes so not fair
But don't give up
Underneath the sunlit sky
Sins of others cannot hide
Rise up while the hour is nigh
To forgive them

Feeling yourself shine tonight
The spark inside your eyes won't ever fade away
No more

You know you're not alone
(I'm standing by your side)
You can be who you want
(This is your only life)
And tho' their hearts are cold
(The love will soon prevail)
They can't hurt anymore

Now you can sleep with ease
Bonne nuit, mon ami

Free to live, forget the past
Love ignited flows so fast
Pain that isn't meant to last
It's gonna faint
Future doesn't seem so bad
Doesn't matter what was said
Air is clean, no worries left
It feels alright

Giving in what is to show
Now it's time to let 'em know
That it is the pure love grown
Wins in the end
Everything should be alright
In this world is still insight
Looks like it will settle right
For you, my friend

See the bluejays fly tonight
The shadows of your mind shall never come again
No more

You know you're not alone
(I'm standing by your side)
You can be who you want
(This is the start of life)
Their hearts are cold no more
(The love has won again)
They won't hurt anymore

So put your fears to sleep
Bonne nuit, mon ami
Now you can live with ease
Bonne nuit, mon ami

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