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Oh Baby, Baby, Oh Oh Baby ......
When did you stop loving me
What did I do so wrong that you want to leave
When did you stop wanting me
No letters, no calls , girl you know I needed
Baby this thing has took its tole on my mind,
My Body, and soul
Can't get you out of my system
Out of my head, out of my future,out of my bed
I hear your name, I see your face,
I lose all composure,
I need to see you one more time
I need closure.
Can we go somewhere baby
and talk about
all the things I did to stress you out.
I wont be satisfied
til I understand why
Why you aint here in my life
Can you just give me that much?
Dont leave me hanging without a crutch.
Why - that is the question
Everyday, I ask myself, since you went away.
I wasn't perfect, tell me were you?
You said everyday "I Love You"
Closure, Closure, Closure
I need to see you one more time
I need Closure

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