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Sit down little brother let's talk awhile
I know you're going through the same
thang I'm going through
But that's the changes that love put
you through
put you through put you through
said it ain't the same she's calling
you out your name
looking through your clothes and thangs
don't trust you like she used too
everything going wrong she's pointing
the finger at you
I've been lying and I'm cheating sleeping
round with everyone
there's no future I'm gonna lose her
I'm only out to have some fun
I'm gonig to choke her and smoke her
I need to get my head right
but it's funny when you need money
than I'm the kind of man you like
Remember when you point the finger
three is pointing back at you
and all the actuation you been makin'
is probably something you would do
Say I ain't working I'm just jerking
can't miss the Jerry Springer show
no home training just complaining
about songs that's on the radio
always dreaming about singing
how I'm gonna be a super star
I'm going places I'm gonna make it
and I even got no car
[Repeat Chorus x2]
Da Da Da Da Da Da Da
Da Da Da Da Da Da
might be your lady your best friend
lady yeah yeah
can I get my brother to sing
Da Da Da Da Da Da Da
Da Da Da Da Da Da
might be your lady lady
or somebodies else's lady
your best friend neighbor yeah

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Love & Consequences


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