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Walk on Home (Japanese bonus) - text


I believe
That they're making up your stealing
They just want your share
They're overcome by greed
Home is near
We're done with month of riding
They won’t get you they’ll see me

Brother please,
Don't cry
(I'll be) fighting like a lion
Just wipe your tears and walk on home

Tell her I love her
Thought of her every day
I'll fight my way, oh, it's
Not my day of dying
Go tell my children
Angels still guard my way
I coming home, Lord
No-one can deny it

Walk on home

On this field
That we used to run and play on
I will take you place and face your enemy
I'm the shield
We're almost home, just walk on
You're still a boy, too young to fight

Brother ease,
You mind
You know there'll be a light on
Just hide your fear and tell my love

Go in peace, bury the sword,
and I hope to follow you
You're my blood, my family
I once swore to see after you,
It's time to keep that world

Text přidal Efai

Video přidal Efai

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