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You Can't Blame Louis - text

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One small town boy whose dreams were higher
Thought up a plan
To be a city man
Out in the world
Bright burned the fire
Through every door
He was so sure
Than he ran into a problem
He heard the voice inside him say
"Do you believe that what you have is what you need"
You can't blame Louis
Oh, Louis
He found a girl
His heart's desire
She was the first
She quenched the thirst
His social whirl
did not inspire
Her live divine
Soon lost its shine
Now he's counting every hour
Wondering where she spent the night
She doesn't slow, it seems he'll never know
You can't blame Louis
Oh, Louis
You can't blame Louis
Oh, Louis
Take a day and trace a thought to where it all began
Wondering how you felt at every turn
Even thought reality was not part of the plan
By reaching out you lit the spark forever
Louis thought he'd find the answer
In a world that has no soul
He moved on, to learn another song
You can't blame Louis
Oh, Louis

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