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Heart On The Line (Skeletal) - text

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Win Some, lose some
That the way I play the hand I get
No sense in getting sore
It comes easy or it never comes at all
And I get something of a lesson
That's a lesson to us all
Call a teacher
Let him answer if he can
What am I gonna do
If I can't take it like a man
What do they want a boy to do
If he's done no wrong?
The only thing he did
Was lay his heart out on the line
Inside, outside
Doesn't matter where your standing
Cos you're always a marked man
Power crazy in a lazy kind of a way
If I don't get up this morning
Well what difference does it make?
Call a preacher
Let him save a drowning man
How can he ever sleep at night
With evil all around?
So ring a bell for brother Al
He never did no wrong
The only thing he did
Was lay his heart out on the line
When it's good it's oh so good
When it's bad it's better
There's no pain and there's no gain
When you stand at the center of it all
So could a healer
Come on down to this great land?
I really don't know what to do
I just don't understand
Let's ring a bell for brother man
He never meant no harm
All he had to do
Was lay his heart out on the line

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