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Fooled by the dragon
How blinded I’ve become
Since I ran away
The light is fading and my heart is growing cold
A voice in the distance is beckoning me
Whispering in my ear
What have you done and what are you doing here
Have I come to the place where I’ve gone to far
Father forgive me, lend me your wings and fly me way back to your heart
Send me an Angel
Catch me I’m falling
Falling so far from where I should be
Hear me I’m calling
Come rescue me
The road of sorrow must come to an end
As I turn to Gods wisdom and truth
Slain in repentance, I long to be renewed
The fullness of life has left long ago
Now I understand how lost that I am without you in control
Lord you promise believers
If we will walk in faith
Protection and shelter
And your angels to guard our ways

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