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All of your life you’ve had your back against the wall
The things you say, you think you know it all
It won’t be long before you hit the ground
Cry to the world and the world will let you down
Your hear the Word but it makes no sense to you
You close your eyes so the lies become your truth
Sometimes I wonder if you’ll ever see at all
I hope it’s soon ‘cause you’re about to fall
Nowhere to run nowhere to hide
You’re life is rational lies
What you gonna do
When the reign comes down to you
When the reign comes down
What does it take to make you get a clue
Open your eyes and let some light shine through
Cold mind, cold words, cold heart driving you insane
God shows you mercy but you still reject His name
You’ve got your reasons why
They’re mostly full of pride
No wonder you have doubt
Your faith has all run out
Time’s almost over now

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