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Nail in the Cross - text

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Cold words, evil deeds, no sign of integrity
Sharp tongue, double talk, revealin’ your apostasy
Unjust, unkind, holding on to your wicked mind
Full of hate, full of pride, your light is dead inside
And your heart has been invaded
Blinded from the truth
Remember Jesus, Son of the living God
Who came and gave His life for you
False believer, true deceiver, followin’ the ways of the lost
You put another nail in the cross, (nail in the cross)
Talkin’ the talk but not walkin’ the walk, I say you better count the cost
Before you put another nail in the cross, (nail in the cross)
No fear, no faith, just a sheep that’s gone astray
In sin, livin’ again, your throwin’ it all away
And to sleep it seems you’ve fallen
Open up your eyes
Remember Jesus, who paid the price for you
Your very soul is on the line

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