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You feel the fire from the heavens
Warnings from the sky
Darkness all around, the lost are never found
And no one hear your cries
The Son of God is coming for His chosen few
Where are you
A strong delusion overtakes you
And you can’t tell truth from lies
For you would not believe, so now you’ve been deceived
And you’re running out of time
Just like the days of Noah they would not believe
The rain came down and they all drown beneath the sea
On judgment day
Will you feel the wrath of God
Judgment day
You hear them calling, all around you
Angels from the sky
Telling you to turn, but you will never learn
Instead you choose to die
The time is near the signs are here, they’re all around
Out in the distance, hear the trumpet sound
We all must face the truth of everything that we have done
Eternal fire awaits, those who rejected the Son

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