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That ethnocentric home
Love ain't living here no more
When people do what they do when the do it
Say what they say. What you got to say to me.
Talk in egocentric tones
With that mouth you've outgrown
When people say what they say when they say it
Do what they do. What you wanna do to me

We are the ones the lonely bastard sons
of all that's said and done
I wanted a fire but then I burnt down my own home
We are the one. The lonely bastard sons
and in the end, much more is said than done
I started a fire, burnt down my house, now I've got nowhere to call home

I tried to go back home
but they ain't loving me no more
Now I don't know what to do or how to do it
Say what they said. What they got to say to me.
So once I dig this hole
I'll bury myself in that gold
So you can say what you say when you say it
That don't mean shit. What you got to say to me?

All those motherfuckers asking their questions
These people broadcasting doubt
We're going to teach them to keep their mouths shut
Up until the learn to shout

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Video přidal Azazel-Andel

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