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Left with a scream she looked at me
a desprate way I know I won’t forget it
broken nails are all the trails
i’m on my knees to God I plead
he likes it, I know it
I wanna know what can I do
he knows no reason she died for treason
I realized what i’ve got to do
Fall on your knees try to plead
not the one below but the one above
do it all for the one you love
Great light came in to sight
he commands at Satan he wants no fight
he took my hand he touched my heart
he took black magic he ripped it apart
pulled her closer to the fireing edge
it’s pure evil in the flesh
feel his ways he’s in disgrace
I feel now the end of days
Whats that voice who are you
and what do you want
You can’t ignore me you can’t deceive me
give her back or i’ll take her from you
inoccent lives give up your lies
fear me now or you’ll see what I can do
She deserves to die can’t see
you’ll be the one that will bleed
the dark mark is on her soul
with the first chance she will kill you all

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