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You tried so hard
I see the torment
And I'm sure,
I know where It comes from
Sly hands crown the fiend
Deceiving everyone around
A fell disease moves unseen
There's something in there staring at your soul with vicious eyes Malevolence has spread, corrupting everything
Rise, rise from agony
Inherit the fiery heart
That still keeps us alive
So let's sing it

For how long have you waited here?
As days are passing by
You're wondering if that pain will last forever
The stories you've been told are nothing but reality
Speak with me "I'm not afraid of you"

Banish the demon inside
No more sorrow
You're holding tight
No more sorrow
Cause you're still alive
I know you're still alive

No more sorrow, this time.

This is an anthem
This is our pride
A song for those who fell
And found themselves again
A song for those who fell
And found themselves

One life, one sharp sword
We've just taken this too far
Scarred wolves torn from their home
Set hope alight
Banish the demon inside

Text přidala Sharrie

Video přidala Sharrie

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