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Last One Out Of Liberty City - text

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I know there comes a time when you lose faith in what you believe inside
and did you know somehow it's just a spark that's a start
that keeps us from the crowd.
The other day this girl came up to me
and asked if she used to go to school with me and kinda laughed
and she said wasn't I the guy her friends always called a waste of time.
I know just who I am
and what's in my head is that I don't really give a damn
who you think I am.
When I stop and think about to where I'll be 10 years from now
I wonder if the me of now would call myself washed up or watered down
or part of the crowd?
and the other night this guy came up to me downtown
and can't believe that after 5 years I'm still around
and he said, wasn't I the guy who walked these streets all night?
It's such a waste of time.

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