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This house is an ancient tomb
Be warned
Born in 1974
With the blood stains on the door
This house is a monument
You see
Erect in 1983
In memory of what you've done to me
This house is a freight train
And it's mine
Back in 1989
They found my body on the Morris–Essex line
A cord, accord
A car, a call
The hospital said it would
Gladly repay it all
I'm born, I'm bored
I'm not at all
This body needs an overhaul
The blast from the cannon
Was more than they could take
And ever since that summer
They've been something of a flake
We pray for them at dinner
We pray for them at dawn
We pray that when they grow up
That they'll be dead and gone
We pray that they will pass us by
But they keep coming on
Wake up!
I'm coming over
Watch the way the milk has curdled in the cradle
There's a rattle underneath the kitchen table
We're ignoring it as best as we are able
But the air in there is static and unstable
There's a rapping at the door

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