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The Lowest Bitter - text

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Are you looking for magic
On the back of a pack of matches?
It seems like we're trying to prove
That everything we pursue, we lose
All you scorned lovers:
Are you burnt so bad
Your lips are covered
In black blood and scabs?
We seem to need some way
To vanish all these stains
Take the trigger from the lowest bitter
Take the bargain back again
Are you covered in scratches
From them hacking you with their hatchets?
Are you chasing a trail of crumbs
And you can't recall where they came from?
They've come to
Steal your old self
And rent back what they stole
They fatten you up
And swallow you whole
And then they
Charge you for the pleasure
Of making you plain
When you're finally getting something
It's only the blame
If you let bitterness
Get in your home
Get in your chest
It gets into your bones
We've been bought
And we've been sold
They try but they can't keep hold
We burn, but we don't turn to coal
We're hills all filled with gas and gold
Take the trigger from the lowest bitter
Take the bargain back again
Take it back!

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