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Smells like leather
Tastes like sweat
Tie up the horses for a tête-à-tête
Tight braids
Thighs ache
You whisper to me, "This is no mistake."
You made me shake
You made me shiver
You made me gasp when you grasped my withers
How many times did you think you could cantor past my house
Before I called you to my stable for a little mouth to mouth?
Now I'm peeling off your jodhpurs
And you're peeling off my common senses
And you're using all your dirty words
Dragging me into your sweet consensus
Jet black boots
Whip stiff crop
Once we started we just couldn't stop
Four legs stripped but for their socks
Now you've got me in the saddle
And you've got me chomping bit
Now you're tugging on my bridal
And I'm eager to submit
And you whisper in my ear
That you've got an idea
"And it starts down here..."
Easy now
Ease in, out
Right Now!

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