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"Patty Lee, turn the lights on, please
There's something I don't understand
Patty Lee, turn the lights on, please
This party's gotten out of hand."
Those were the last words her suitor spoke before he croaked
In seven seconds he'd be dead
Tied to the headboard of Patty Lee's bed
Patty Lee sloughed her skin
And showed what was within
It's hard to describe
She moved like smoke
And sounded like ice
We used to be gods
Now we're so plain
It took ten million years
Just to say my real name
Back before Babylon
Shit was cool
Now we've all got our saddles on
We trot to school
If I may wax poetic
I think the facts are plain
I am the moon ascendant
I am not soon to wane
See my shadows, twice the mountain
Or stretched across the desert plain
Shouting sun flares up like fountains
Shouting planets down like rain

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