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Logging Off - text

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Just another excuse
To postpone what's to come
Out of sight and online
You were onto my scheme
You were under my thumb
And I fogged up the mirror
And fucked up my lines
Met your eyes in a mirror
And you read my mind
In the blink of an eye
We're expecting the world
Only zeros and ones
Might've met our demands in a 180 twirl
Caught a glimpse in a mirror
When you didn't see
Looked for you in a mirror
But you were next to me
Got so restless and dumb
Everyone all at once
Promised I would keep in touch
But I singled you out
Cause I needed someone
Then I looked in a mirror
Thought I saw a ghost
Looked for you in a mirror
But you were logging off

Text přidal DevilDan

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