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Hostile surroundings
Nourish-less soil
Taking its toll on my pride
Bittersweet feeling
Devouring beast
Eating its way from the inside

Poisoning whatever's on my mind
Denying me to prosper
Closing in on all that lies behind
No use to fight this way
I try to sleep, but nothing gets me by
Repulsive thorn inside me forcing me to lie
Regret the future today

Thoughts are inutile
Ready to strike
Building on hopeless betrayal
Bipolar issues
Sneaking my way
Knowing that I will fail

Ripping me up with its venomous fang
Prospering on my despair
Sharing its secrets of pain yet to come
And no one but me can hear

Parasite of my desire to live
Controlling when I suffocate
Leaching on beauty
Nothing to give
Converting it into pure hate

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