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Acquired Taste - text


Dive deep into the
Subconscious layers
Be careful not to sink

Stay out, be free
Don't enter this abyss
That's where I go to think

Enjoy the restrictions
Be glad you can feel the sting
Silent compassion
Won't lead to anything

Out of the dark
Nowhere to start
Tainted words
Pieces apart
Acquired taste

In control of it all
What were you thinking?
As if you can put an end to this

Rest now, tomorrow
You can make it all OK
Prepare a day you will not miss

Bring forth your gift
Made from pure belief
Be sure no one finds out
Be sure no one finds out why

Stay in the cold
You will see
Someone else will leave your mark

To be sold
So you're free
You'll be drawn out of the dark

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