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As I hold my breath
With my hand on my heart
I face the wind
Carrying your scent, tearing me apart

I gaze at the landscape
For a sign of life
I close my eyes
As I reach for my knife

Come my friend, fight no more
Free yourself from this tortured life

My blade, shimmering in the sun
Bringer of light
Sits poised in my hand
Feeling my might

As it turns, gleaming, flashing
I look to the sky
Freedom awaits me
So I must die

Come my friend, give up now
Free yourself from this tortured life

Falling, spiralling down
Descending into madness
Deciding my own fate
Leaving this world of hate behind

Far away, I hear an echo
An angels voice is calling me
Carried on the whispering winds
It reaches me before my blade

A song flies through the valley
In my mind I recognize
A familiar chant, so close to me
I cannot fathom this impossibility

Is this real
Or is it a dream
I hear my beloved call
Shall I yet be redeemed?

Hope on the horizon
As I hold my breath
Though I can’t see my love
I no longer choose death

The fool! He fails to see
My gift of immortality
I shall make him understand
Or I shall burn his fatherland


I will not die!
You will now die!

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