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How Can I Tell Him - text

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It's the morning after
And we're on a train zigzagging 'cross the countryside
On our way home from a party
That turned insane
He dozes off on my shoulder
Wakes up suddenly, apologizes
Looks the other way
So tell me how
Tell me how I can tell him I love him
So tell me how
The neighbor came a-knocking
Said she'd call the cops
He said, "I'll turn down the stereo"
Pretended to adjust the volume knob
He's my best friend
And we can talk about anything
As long it's about nothing
As long as it don't cut deeper than the skin
Tell me how
Tell me how I can tell him I love him
So tell me how
Tell me how I can tell him I love him, so
Tell me how
I mean I guess he knows
Just like I know when he says something funny and I laugh from my belly
Or when Sandra left him and I held him when he cried
For a moment he left his guard down and so did I
But it's so deep within me, the way a man should be
Passed on through generations of men before me
A line drawn in the sand to keep us apart
A rusty, old padlock hanging on our hearts
So tell me how
We part ways at the station
He's got his bike and he rides into the gap
'Tween day and night
Before he's gone he shouts, "Later, dude"
I think, "Yeah
I love you too"

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